In traditional Chinese mythology, there is a god named “The Old Man on the Moon” (Yue Lao) who is in charge of marriage matters, like Cupid in the West. He uses the red thread to connect men and women so that they can fall in love and enter into marriage.
For this project, I borrowed the concept of "red thread" to express the pressure of Chinese style push marriage. It seems that parents and relatives have taken over the position of the Yue Lao and are "trying their best" to match their children with others. In their minds, marriage and children are essential in life.
The project includes illustrations and comics. I used festive colors yellow and red to show the pressure and impatience of facing push marriage to express the spirit of anti-marriage. 
The value of women should not be limited to marriage, they can do whatever they want. First of all, one must learn to be independent and not become an appendage of marriage.
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