Dream Details
The wind howled ferociously, whipping the clothes and trees into a cacophony of flapping and rustling. Every step felt like a battle, each one a struggle against the relentless gusts.
With great effort, I made it to the overpass. People hurried by, their faces set in determination. Among them, figures in red and green clothes brandished scythes and chains, weaving through the crowd with eerie fluidity.
The world around me appeared fragmented, a kaleidoscope of shattered light and shadow, shimmering and vibrant. Each step felt perilous as if I might misstep and fall into the void, or worse, be torn apart by the fabric of spacetime itself.
“Why is it like this?” I asked.
“You're stepping through different fragments of spacetime with each step,” a voice answered. “Only the smallest things are tangible to you here, like snacks. To truly grasp something, like real snacks, you must return home.”
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